Tamar uses a creative approach to teaching at all stages and ages.

From a young child’s first lesson I encourage them to think about ‘feeling in their fingers’, listening and caring for the sound that they produce. Using imaginative improvisation and composition allows every child to develop their capacity for expressive, characterful playing from the earliest lessons. My lessons for young beginners incorporate ‘copycat’ aural games using singing, clapping and playing alongside games to ‘make friends’ with musical notation: it is vitally important that each student develops confident reading skills. Children experience the ‘time-travel’ of playing music from different historical periods and gain an understanding of how music reflects society and tells a story.

I relish the opportunity to develop high-level, refined and stylistic performance in all students. My aim is to inspire and enthuse every student, building a strong understanding of practice techniques to give pupils control and agency. Lessons comprise a balance of elements such as in-depth study of pieces, technical tips and advice and sharing ideas on narrative and mood. Students explore a wide variety of repertoire from Baroque to 21st century with a constant focus on projecting a narrative that changes the atmosphere in the room.

The wellbeing of the student is paramount: I have a strong awareness of the external pressures that can affect children at different stages of their school careers. Piano lessons should be a respite from these pressures – a chance to express yourself and feel supported. Each pupil’s development is carefully nurtured to help them to fulfil their very best potential.

Students achieve much success in ABRSM exams at all levels, including two students recently receiving the ABRSM Silver Award. Exam success is achieved via a rounded, enriching development process rather than by boring, repetitive training and is by no means the only goal of my teaching. Many students choose not to participate in the exam system, nevertheless progressing to high levels of performance and enjoyment.

Many piano pupils successfully audition for music scholarships at 11+. Recent 2018 – 19 successes have included scholarship offers from Latymer Upper School, Channing School, Highgate School and music places at Dame Alice Owen’s School.

I also offer support with preparation for the 11+ Music Aptitude Tests, helping children to build their skills and confidence. For 9 years I have helped candidates to succeed in the Music Aptitude Test at Dame Alice Owen’s School, Ashmole School and Mill Hill County School.